Quality from start to finish

We are a project-based language services business. Experience has taught us that there are many factors that can prevent the successful completion of a project. To minimise these risks we consider quality measurement to be more far-reaching than just the translated copy. Its measurements must encompass the whole process from start to finish.

Tight control of the schedule

We always have a schedule we need to meet. This may be a tight deadline, a budget restriction or maybe a product launch date. Measurement - did we complete our part of your project on time?

Scope of the task

This is the driving force of the project and one of the key factors affecting a project's success. What tasks need to get done within the timeframe and how to align the client's requirements, the project specification and make up of the team to best attain them. Measurement - were all the correct resources put in place and did they perform as expected?


This is often considered to be one of if not the most important factors for many projects. Our team always know where they stand in terms of realising the budget requirements and as we always give our customers' a quote before the project commences it becomes sacrosanct that we meet it. Measurement - did we perform to budget?

Positive team spirit

The team's approval is often overlooked in the course of a project. We never take our team for granted; you can’t always assume they will be ailable when you need them. Our team of professionals also have a life outside of work and no matter how exciting translating might be; it shouldn't just feel like an obligation. Keeping the team fully informed and respecting their input, means that if the project requires them to work a late night here and there, they will do so willingly. Measurement – are all those involved in the project willing to work again, for us and our client?

Customer satisfaction

We encourage our customers to communicate exactly what they want and we discuss those requirements in full with the assigned project team in order to make sure the customer will be happy with the end product. We constantly seek customer feedback and use this to track client satisfaction by analysis and review of their responses. If we deliver a website translation the client loves but he or she is not pleased with the overall experience, we will still deem it a failure.

Quality of work

Once an assignment is approved and successfully delivered, the project is formally closed and a final in-house review is held by our project management team to learn from both its’ successes and difficulties.The quality of one project often affects another. We think it is of paramount importance to measure and evaluate quality, allowing us to make positive adjustments to future projects. This forms part of our policy of never-ending effort for improvement.


Our aim is to deliver an impressive, faultless translation partnership experience. We know that recommendations go a long way to getting us that next project. Fortunately, our clients have always been happy to recommend us.