Our translators

How we feel about the translators we work with

Our translators are the foundation of our business. They are more than professional freelancers to us, we consider them to be members of our team and have developed a long-lasting business relationship with many of them.

Qualifications and experience matter

Having two languages does not make you a professional translator any more than having two feet makes you a professional footballer. That’s why we meticulously select our network of in-country translators, proofreaders and reviewers with the right combination of professional language qualifications, skills, knowledge and expertise. This ensures that we can provide local nuances and an understanding of the idioms associated with your subject matter, allowing us to deliver outstanding multi-language translation/localisation projects even within a very complex brief.

Teamwork and discipline for greatest impact

When the translation project requires us to accomplish something beyond an individual translator's capacity, our translator team come together to work toward what has become a common objective with collaboration, trust and commitment. This allows us to complete projects, both large and small within very tight deadlines, all the while maintaining the very highest of quality standards.