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transcription services

Expert transcription requires linguists to listen or to watch recorded material and transform the speech into a written format. Depending on the material being transcribed, different levels of elucidation are required. Sometimes the transcription must be exact, e.g. for police, legal and financial reports, while at other times transcribers must clean up grammatical errors or paraphrase for say media, educational or entertainment purposes.

We only use fully qualified professional linguists, translators, proofreaders and reviewers with expertise in the appropriate subject matter and with a thorough understanding of the industry sector. Using a combination of these talented professionals ensures that the transcription content is full, accurate and fit for purpose.

4-step process

Our high quality transcriptions undergo rigorous checks throughout the whole process, particularly if it involves subsequent translation into other languages.

on-time delivery

Over the last decade we have developed up-to-date initiatives, policies and procedures for delivering our transcription services on-time every time.


project management

They are the conduit ensuring that contact is maintained between all parties including our clients during the transcription and translation processes.