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localisation / localization

Translation is only one of numerous activities that shape the localisation process. In addition to translation, the localisation process may also include amending graphics, modifying the content layout to fit the translated text, using proper formats for dates, currencies, addresses and phone numbers or addressing local laws and regulations. The aim is to provide an end product that looks and feels as if it was created locally for the target audience.

We only use fully qualified professional translators, proofreaders and reviewers working in their native language, with expertise in the appropriate subject matter and with a thorough understanding of the industry sector of your target audience. Using a combination of these talented professionals ensures that the translation is grammatically correct, that the content has been translated correctly and that it is fit for purpose.

4-step process

Our localisation projects undergo comprehensive quality assessment throughout the entire procedure, particularly if they involve multiple languages.

on-time delivery

Over the last decade we have developed informed initiatives, policies and procedures for delivering our localisation services on-time every time.


project management

They are the conduit ensuring that contact is maintained between all parties including our clients during the translation process.This close collaboration ensures that your localisation assignment will read like it had been written in the target language; specifically for your client's target audience.