Russian translation

Russian language and cultures

Russian ranks eighth in the list of most used languages in the world with about 150 million native speakers. It is also spoken as a second language by over 120 million people inside Russia and the neighbouring countries of Central Asia. Russia has been identified as one of the four major world powers whose influence is growing fast. It is already the world’s sixth largest economy and is projected to overtake Germany's by 2030. The UK exports to Russia goods worth more than £5.6 billion per year and this is set to continue to grow.

We can make the difference

Our experienced and motivated staff members will make sure you get the right translation for your products and services.

We meticulously select our Russian in-country translators, proofreaders and reviewers with the right combination of professional language qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience and expertise. This ensures that we can provide language specialists who can advise you on amendments to the source text so that it becomes highly targeted (localised) to your intended Russian speaking markets and audience.

Communication is key

A dedicated Project Manager, who is also a qualified linguist, will be assigned to your Russian translation project. Working with in-country translators, proofreaders and reviewers and you the customer, he or she will ensure that your projects' objectives and goals are achieved.

So whether it is technical, marketing, legal, tourism, aviation or any other industry sector, our team of language professionals' aim is to provide you with Russian translation services that your business can rely on, with outstanding quality, speed, and confidentiality.