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There’s more to price than just price. Our translation business is about providing and creating value for our customers. Over the years they have come to appreciate the high quality, reliability, speed and advice of the langauage services we offer.

Not all translations are comparable. Like good writing from the best authors, a high quality translation is not a commodity, it requires language skills of course but also creativity and decision proccessing abilities. Here at RVR Translation we pride ourselves on our expertise in providing the perfect combination of skills to meet the highest standards of language services.

In general, our translation services are priced by the word, although in some situations an hourly rate is more applicable. The final rate depends on many factors including the language combinations, the countries in which the translations will take place, the complexity of the subject matter, the source and delivery formats, the delivery schedule requirements, the project management and quality process to name but a few. Getting a quote specifically against your requirements takes little time and effort and is always the right thing to do. This allows us to to provide you with the exact resources to meet your needs.

So, to recap, we only use fully qualified professional translators, proofreaders and reviewers with expertise in the appropriate subject matter and with a thorough understanding of the nuances and wordplay utilized in the industry sector of your target audience. Using a combination of these talented professionals ensures that the translation is grammatically correct, that the content has been translated correctly and that your project is fit for purpose. Translation prices may vary, just like the prices for any other creative service, but there is always a link between cost and quality.