German translation

The German language is spoken primarily in Europe

German is the official language of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. In addition, it is one of four official languages in Switzerland, and one of three commonly used in Belgium and Luxembourg. There are over 120 million native speakers of German, primarily in Europe, though it is spoken regionally by native speaker minorities in 40 countries. As an international language of business, scientific research, publishing and tourism, it's estimated that German is spoken as a foreign language by an additional 80 million people worldwide.

The right translation for your needs

Our experienced staff are here to help you, making sure you get the right translation for your target audience.

We meticulously select our network of in-country translators, proofreaders and reviewers with the right combination of professional language qualifications, skills, knowledge and expertise. This ensures that we can provide language specialists who can advise you on amendments to the source text so that it becomes highly targeted (localised) to your intended German speaking markets and audience.

Collaboration from start to finish

A dedicated Project Manager, who is also an experienced linguist, will be assigned to your translation project. Along with the translators, proofreaders and reviewers and you the customer, he or she will ensure that your projects' objectives and goals are achieved.

So whether it is technical German translation services, marketing translation services or any other industry sector, our team of language professionals' aim is to provide a service that meets your individual and business needs with outstanding quality, speed, reliability and confidentiality.